About Us

We are Dapper Moments Together. We create exclusive and unforgettable romantic and platonic dates and outings here in South Florida, on your behalf for your loved ones and family members. We work with the best establishments throughout Florida to bring your date to the next level. Our custom and very creative outings will leave your partner or family member in complete awe as they bare witness to an extravagant evening that you helped create.

We offer everything from exclusive dates, pre-planned family outings, marriage proposals, customized picnics, romantic and creative custom scavenger hunts, exclusive romantic evenings, everglades sunset table set ups, exclusive picnics on the beach. With our skills and expertise, we take an average date and turn it into a very memorable Dapper Moment. We take the headache out of date planning. Sit back, relax, and let us take you out.

About Dapper
Romantic Getaways

Plan and create an evening with your lover with one of our exclusive romantic getaways. Stay locally overnight in one of our vetted and trusted rental properties and spend the evening paying close attention to the one you love. Fully catered evenings to touch the very deepest parts of your lovers soul. Exquisite and over the top detailed overnight stays provided to your partner on your behalf. Find an overnight sitter and call out of work if need be. You both will need a day to decompress after this night. Contact us to set up a consultation to arrange your romantic evening with the person you love.

Intimately Themed Dates

We have all seen the average picnic date. It can be romantic. Very thoughtful. Especially if they are well planned and prepared nicely. But we take that to the next level. Our very romantic and luxurious picnics are sure to send a clear message that you care deeply for your partner. Whether it’s sunrise on the beach or sunset in the Everglades, we will prepare an exquisite event unlike ever had before. You and your partner show up to a predetermined location to find a beautiful and intricate set up just for the two of you to share. Directly for them, by you. Connect with us today to put together your over the top and romantic picnic now. Romantic sunset or sunrise picnic set ups start at $169. Comes with complimentary bottle of wine, champagne or nonalcoholic beverages.

Attraction & Courtship Coaching

Finding it hard to talk to the people you find attractive? Wanting to get the attention of someone? Need guidance on courting and building sexual tension with the people you date? Book a FREE 30 min coaching phone session and get advice and tips on how to become confident and in control when talking to and courting the people you find attractive. Must be at least 18. Click the orange “reserve now” button and request more info. Please allow 7-10 business days for scheduling.

Customized Picnics

We invite you to imagine this; One evening you ask your lover to accompany you for a walk on the beach. Only they don’t know you have hired Dapper Moments Together and we are on the scene awaiting your arrival. When you arrive together, you walk out to the beach to discover our beautiful and elaborate set up for your lover on your behalf. Complete with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, romantic music cushions and pillows and beautiful lighting all around you. You look at them and you let them know that you love them. And that you would like to enjoy the evening relaxing and focusing your every bit of energy and attention onto them. Our scenes are exquisite, beautiful and very romantic. This is one day that your lover is sure not to forget.


  • Custom Date Arrangements
  • Attraction & Courtship Coaching
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Custom Scavenger Hunts
  • Transportation
  • Gift Delivery
  • Date Consulting
  • Arranged Family Outings
  • Private Romantic Getaways
  • Elaborate Picnics
  • Sunrise and Sunset Viewings on the Beach
  • Meteor Shower Dates
  • Surprise Parties
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Romantic Airplane Tours
  • Local “Staycations”
  • Themed Dates & Gift Arrangements
  • Anniversaries
  • Airbnb & Hotel Bookings
  • And Much More!

Join The Team

Is your business interested in becoming a recommended partner of Dapper Moments Together? We Love recommending and bringing quality business to great companies and services that meet our criteria. But first we need to know that you meet the Dapper standards. We guarantee to our customers that any establishment either restaurant, hotel, or any recommended business is a business that holds itself to a higher standard. Whatever industry that business caters to, it’s our job that our clients know that you are vetted and recommended by us. Please feel free to send an email regarding your business and one of our representatives will contact you back as soon as possible. Thank you for taking an interest in us and we look forward to potentially doing business with you.